The right way to write rite

I’m actually feeling a little embarrassed for the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Shine:


In case you thought this was a momentary lapse, here it is again in the actual blog entry:


It’s not the first time a writer has gotten this common expression wrong. Mastering the correct expression should be a rite of passage for anyone entering the writing or editing profession.


NFL combine caps

Combining both uppercase and lowercase letters, the Yahoo! front page makes at least one blunder:


The correct spelling of combine is without that capital C.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pretend tribute to Audrey Hepburn

I can understand paying tribute to one’s role model. But playing tribute? Does that mean it wasn’t a real tribute? That’s what the writer on Yahoo! Shine implies:


But isn’t it a wee bit strange? Perhaps it’s just a slip-up, like the missing word in the second sentence.

This really bites

There’s an extra word here on Yahoo! Shine and I think it’s that. Or it could be the which at the beginning of the sentence:


Doesn’t matter. Either way, this really bites.

Justin Timberlake ringing acid wash back?

And I thought he was bringing acid wash back. But nooo. At least according to the Yahoo! front page he’s not:


‘Bachelor’ contestant shorter than normal

“Bachelor” contestant Jillian is a little shorter than normal on the Yahoo! front page:


Philip Seymour Hoffman, Zac Efron, Salma Hayek mistreated on Oscar night

You’d think the editors at Yahoo! Movies would have the names memorized by now. It’s not like they don’t read about Zac Efron or Salma Hayek every day. So, why on this day did the names of so many celebs get mangled?

Here’s a few celebrity names that were misspelled in photo captions on Oscar night:

Philip Seymour Hoffman


Zac Efron


Salma Hayek


Adrien Brody


Phoebe Cates


Anne Hathaway


Anil Kapoor


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