Is that a ZIP code or a phone number?

Actually, it’s supposed to be a TV show, but Yahoo! omg! added a digit:



3 Responses to “Is that a ZIP code or a phone number?”

  1. Robert Says:

    I’m not a punctuation expert, but shouldn’t the closing quotation mark go directly after the show’s title?
    Wonder if “90210”‘s Jessica…
    It makes for an awkward apostrophe placement, but does that matter?

  2. Laura Says:

    That’s a good question, and one I’ve wondered about myself. Yahoo! omg! seems to be fairly consistent in placing the apostrophe and S within the quotation marks; I imagine that is the Yahoo! “house style.”

    I’ve tried to find a definitive answer about the correct placement of an apostrophe in this situation, but to no avail. Most authorities I checked with prefer either using italic for titles (and adding an apostrophe and S in non-italic style) or avoiding a possessive of a title (prefering instead: Jessica Stroup of “90210”) thus avoiding the whole apostrophe-location issue.

    The closest recommendation I could find is from the Chicago Manual of Style and deals with the plural of words in quotation marks. It recommends placing the apostrophe and S within quotation marks, like this:
    How many “that’s” are in that sentence?

    I’m hoping that some readers of Terribly Write will have more information to add.

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