Who’s responsible for misusing whose?

Who’s responsible for ensuring that photo captions on Yahoo! omg! are grammatically correct? Judging from this, I’d say no one:

whose omg


One hand = One percent of human body

Mistaking a 79-year-old woman for a guy is laughable. But mixing metaphors can be downright hilarious. One little paragraph on Yahoo! Shine manages to do both:

911 shine life 1

The “guy” in question was actually Stella Liebeck, who was severely burned by McDonalds coffee. My favorite part of this paragraph is the complete screw-up of the expression “on one hand… on the other hand.” I’m no mathematical genius, but doesn’t the statement “but the other 99% of me” mean that the remaining 1% of the writer is her hand?

A woman’s worst nightmare

What’s a woman’s worst nightmare? If she’s a writer for Yahoo! Shine, it could be a daily appearance on Terribly Write:

a women shine health

Everyday error occurs every day

It’s a common, ordinary error; in fact, you might call it an everyday error:

everyday food hp

Yahoo! Food confuses everyday with its two-word homophone.

A peerless misspelling

The pier in Cannes, France, is Majestic, and not some weird hybrid of magic and mystic.

magestic movies

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies for this creative, but wrong, spelling.

Chec out this!

On the home page of Yahoo! Music:

chec music hp

Sarah Michelle Gellar should be in Central Park

The actress was on location in Central Park — an urban park that deserves a couple of capital letters, not this common-noun treatment from Yahoo! Movies:

central park movies

Today she cheats, yesterday she cheated

Let’s just hope that the writer of this snippet from Yahoo! Shine made a simple typographical error:

cheat shine sex

I’d hate to think that a supposedly professional writer doesn’t know that the past tense of cheat is cheated.

Kate Moss discovers new Balmain-like designer

Fashion house Balmain is a favorite of Kate Moss’, but apparently the supermodel has discovered a new designer with creations so exciting that she requested a dress “straight off” the runway:

belmain shine fashion

This is the first time I’ve heard of this Belmain person, but I’m sure as word spreads about his or her couture line, we’ll be reading about it on Yahoo! Shine.

Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

Hmmm. Why was I reminded of that childhood taunt when I read this caption on Yahoo! Shine:

jupital shine fashion

Clearly, someone didn’t have to go to Jupiter to lose a few million brain cells. I’m guessing here, but I think the writer meant Jupiter. Although the planet has a few faint rings, the planet known for its rings is Saturn. Or, as the writer might say, “Satural.”

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