A woman’s worst nightmare

What’s a woman’s worst nightmare? If she’s a writer for Yahoo! Shine, it could be a daily appearance on Terribly Write:

a women shine health


2 Responses to “A woman’s worst nightmare”

  1. Robert Says:

    You let her off easy. Woman is incorrectly found in the subsequent sentence, along with another error: Sure, woman bleed, but this incident is pretty humilating and gross.

    Then the sentence after that: For a long time my periods were so sporadic I never knew what day they they would come…

  2. Laura Says:

    Robert, are you itchin’ to take over my job? These were great finds and typical of the writer’s slobby blog posts. In my defense, I must admit that I didn’t have the stomach to read the entire post. I’m glad someone else is ready to jump in and contribute to Terribly Write.

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