In an alternate reality this makes sense

Maybe in an alternate reality this description of “The Invention of Lying” on Yahoo! Movies makes sense:

alternate movies


Reeling in a potential mate encounter

If you’re looking for tips on reeling in a potential mate encounter, and you actually know what that means, check out Yahoo! Personals:

mate encounter personals tips

It’s not complementary

Ask me my opinion about this excerpt from Yahoo! Games and I’d make less-than-complimentary remarks, even if the author were a critically acclaimed writer:

complementary games blog

Lynn Collins attended Juilliard

Maybe she also was trained at some school called Julliard, as alleged by Yahoo! Movies:

girls of summer 2

When is is incorrect

What writer is behind this subject-verb mismatch on Yahoo! TV?

directors is tv

Led astray by lead

Have you ever been led astray by something you read? If you  believe what you read on Yahoo! Movies, you might think the past tense of lead is lead:

girls of summer 3

And that would be wrong. Repeat after me: Today I lead. Yesterday I led. I have led.

Keeping tabs on the writer

The management over at Yahoo! Shine should have kept tabs on the creator of this excerpt:

tabs of shine

This is either a simple typo or the mangled expression of a woefully ignorant writer.

Michael Jackson was a dancer’s what?

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest dancers to hit the stage. And maybe one of the greatest dancer’s inspirations? Or maybe something else. I can’t tell if there’s a word missing here on Yahoo! omg! or if the writer made a foolish apostrophe error:

dancers omg

12 millions of gibberish

Is this even English? I mean, I recognize the number and the words, but I’ve never actually seen them used in this way:

12 millions shine sex

Do people actually say things like “12 millions of copies”? I guess at Yahoo! Shine, the writers do.

Burger King sandwich causes phallic injury

Can a sandwich actually cause phallic injury? According to Yahoo! Shine, yes:

injury shine food

The imagery of the attack of sandwich on a male member is not a pleasant one.

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