Shuttle astronauts lose something

It was a writer for the Yahoo! front page who actually dropped a little something from the Shuttle astronauts:

stronauts fp


Kristinia DeBarge’s extra possessive

From Yahoo! Music:

kristinias music

Demetri Martin is Elliot Teichberg

It’s not Demitri Martin.  Yahoo! Movies gets the name wrong and omits a word:

demitri martin

And it’s not Elliot Teichburg:

demitri martin 2

Two names. Two names misspelled. Not a good percentage.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi at the what?

Either some words are missing or some words are unnecessary in this photo caption on Yahoo! TV:

ellen emmys tv

Someone didn’t didn’t proofread this for publishing it.

Oy! You’re giving me a headache

After reading a Yahoo! Shine article about foods that can cause headaches, I think I need a Tylenol. Who’d have thought that a professional writer could confuse effect with affect?

headaches shine 1

The same writer who uses the noun (effect) instead of the verb (affect), omits a word here:

headaches shine 2

My advice: Pay particular attention when you read blogs on Yahoo!, which have been identified as triggers for headaches.

Is your cat drinking?

Is your cat drinking or have you been hitting the Captain Morgan? That might explain this typo on Yahoo! Shine:

you cat shine pets

Drug paraphernalia missing

The word is just missing a letter in this excerpt from Yahoo! Shine:


It’s time to put ’em in

Here are three apostrophes: ‘… ‘ …’…

Please put them in the words circled below in this teaser from Yahoo! omg!:

fall tv omg

Rob Dyrdek: Fantasy spelling

Don’t miss Rob Dyrdek’s fantasy spelling on Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time”:

dydrek tv pint

Writing Report Card: D-

Writing Report Card: Grading the End-of-Summer Writing on Yahoo! Movies:

repord movies

Sorry, but I give this caption a D- for the typo and missing hyphens in End-of-Summer.

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