Tied the knot? Not!

OMG! This is too funny:

not omg

Due ewe think Carrie and Mr. Big’s trip two thee alter was a success? Yahoo! omg! is responsible for this humorous homophone horror.

Heartbreak gets broken up

Heartbreak got a little broken up on Yahoo! Music:

heatrbreak music

Pastries supply colors for breakfast

Applying pastries to an artist’s palette isn’t the traditional way to begin a painting. But if you have a refined palate and a sweet tooth, you might enjoy them for breakfast.  

palette spark

Thanks, Yahoo! The Spark, for the laugh of the day.

Did Cat Deeley change her birthplace?

Did Cat Deeley change her birthplace? Ms. Deeley, who was born in Birmingham, England, and rose to prominence in her native land, wasn’t an Australian TV personality as this photo caption on Yahoo! TV alleges:

cat deeley tv

Meredith Vieira: Wins a Daytime Emmy, loses an I

If you write about daytime television for Yahoo! TV, you ought to know how to spell Ms. Vieira’s name:

viera tv dint

Mistress’s letter missing again

This time it appears (or doesn’t appear) on the Yahoo! front page:

mistress fp

It’s not the first time a Yahoo! writer has neglected to include the S in the possessive mistress’s. If you follow the Associated Press style, the possessive of a common noun ending in S is formed by adding an apostrophe and an S, unless the next word begins with an S. In that case, just add an apostrophe.

Tom DeLay and Cheryl Burke: Partners in crime

It’s nearly criminal how the writer for Yahoo! TV has spelled the names of Tom DeLay

delay tv 1

and his “Dancing with the Stars” partner Cheryl Burke:

delay tv 2

Things that could trigger a nasty headache

It’s not just foods that could bring on a headache.

 couls shine health

Sometimes reading Yahoo! Shine has that effect.

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