Taking years off appearance

Improve the appearance of this teaser on Yahoo! Shine:

 years shine parenting

Simply take years off and replace it with the singular year.

Was that Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan Barroso?

Someone at Yahoo! Movies really …


… really, really …

borroso 15

… really, really, really …

borroso 2

does not know how to spell the name of Matt Damon’s wife. It’s Luciana Bozan Barroso. Really.

A makeover of a made-up word

It’s not a word. It doesn’t exist. The writer for Yahoo! Food made up madeover:

madeover food

To give this “word” a makeover, you’d have to add a space. Madeover made over would be two words: made over.

Isaac Mizrahi: Missing from Fashion’s Night Out?

Isaac Mizrahi is missing from this article about Fashion’s Night Out that appears on Yahoo! Shine:

fashion shine 1

Also missing is the word is following industry as well as the apostrophe in the contraction can’t:

fashion shine 2

Perhaps the apostrophe was just misplaced. Ah, here it is, in all its incorrect glory:

fashion shine 3

Little ears lead to big mistake

Orecchiette means “little ear” in Italian. And that’s what the pasta is called. Please ignore the misspelling on Yahoo! Shine:


Tonight will be a little shorter today

Tonight gets cut short on the home page Yahoo! TV:

tonigh tv

Car bomb: Was it near the building or the city?

The blogger for Yahoo! News has me confused. Did the car bomb go off near the capitol (which is a building where a legislature meets) or the capital (which is a city)?

capitol news blog

Is it possible that the writer used the wrong word!? Say it isn’t so!

Possibly the worst ever

Possibly the worst typo ever spotted on Yahoo! appears on the home page of Yahoo! TV:

seminfal tv

Neither realizes that there are mistakes

Let’s assume that a writer and an editor passed their pencil over this photo caption from Yahoo! Movies:

neither realize movies

What neither of them realizes is that there are lots of mistakes in this excerpt, including the mismatched subject (neither) and verb (realize). There’s that pesky typo (in instead of is), the divided bookshop (it’s one word, not two), and the missing comma after love. So if you really want to find good writing, try looking elsewhere.

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