Tripping over road trips

“Anyone know how to spell road trip? Or roadtrip? Anyone? No? OK, no prob. I’ll use both spellings.”

roadtrips fp

From the mind of an editor working on the Yahoo! front page.

Kendu Isaacs double-crossed

“I know there’s some letter that’s doubled in Kendu’s last name. I just can’t remember what it is. Oh, heck. Let’s just spell it Issacs. Who’s gonna know?”

kendu issacs movies

True, oh great Yahoo! Movies writer. There is a double letter in Mr. Isaacs’ name. It’s just not the S.

Kendra Wilkinson has her name converted

Ms. Wilkinson’s name gets a slight conversion on Yahoo! omg!:

wllkinson omg

There ain’t no explanation for this

It’s a jaw-droppingly horrific error. Unique in the history of professional writing, or at least in my memory. I have no explanation as to how a professional writer, supposedly educated and familiar with basic English grammar, could write this:

neither never shine food

For those of you still with me, the double negative in that sentence means that “both elements should overwhelm the other.” Makes sense to me!

Frequent readers of Terribly Write will probably guess that this is from the geniuses at Yahoo! Shine.

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