God bless America Ferrera

God bless ‘er, America Ferrera is probably used to having her name misspelled. Me? I’d be pissed if mine were mangled by some writer for Yahoo! TV:



Hear a peak, there a peak

Let’s overlook the erroneous hyphen and the misplaced period (which belongs before the closing quotation mark) and focus on the sneak peak in this blog on Yahoo! Music:

hear sneak peak music

Perhaps you have some idea how one would hear a peak: Do you have to be really, really quiet and put your ear up to its foothills?

Exploits and New Yorkers

There’s a question on Yahoo! Shine that has me questioning the writer’s grasp of the language:

oprah shine 1

What the heck is that question asking? And what word should the writer used instead of exploit? Expedition? Field trip? Make your best guess in the comments.

At least I understand this sentence, though I don’t understand what the apostrophe is doing in a simple plural:

oprah shine 2

Pamella Roland: Please move that L

Dear Yahoo! omg! writer: Please move that extra L in Rolland to Pamela. That’s how designer Pamella Roland actually spells her name:


Thanks, Terribly Write.

Billy Magnussen and a transposition

A couple of letters got transposed in Billy Magnussen’s name in this photo caption on Yahoo! Movies:

mangussen movies

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