Georgia O’Keeffe: If only there were some way…

If only there were some way I could check the spelling of artist Georgia O’Keeffe’s name. Like maybe a picture with her name in BIG letters.

okeefe tv

Where could I look? Where could the writer of this preview from Yahoo! TV  look?

Time to give your writing a workout

When do you know it’s time to improve your writing skills? One clue might be that you’re careless and errors like this one on Yahoo! Shine creep in:

workout 1

I presume that the URL is meant to be a link to some tantalizing bit of info. But without an actual clickable link, what reader would be motivated enough to paste it into a browser?

Maybe you don’t need to improve your writing skills, just your proofreading skills, so that you don’t omit words or use the wrong word:

workout 2

Another indicator that you’re in need of a little remedial help? You add an unnecessary word and get your links wrong:

workout 3

There’s the obvious unnecessary and. What you can’t tell is that the link (which is way, way too long) doesn’t go to the ACE Web site. It goes to the AARP Web site, which does not mention drinking 16 to 20 ounces of water before a workout. Mistakes like that erode your credibility and should be sending you a message: Time to work out the kinks in your writing.

Heidi and Spencer hit up a newsstand

If Heidi and Spencer are hitting up a newstand in Los Angeles, it’s an LA newstand:

a la omg

This may be news to the writer at Yahoo! omg!, but LA starts with a vowel sound, so it should be preceded by an, not a.

Try to remember it’s spelled September

Try to remember, and if you remember, then spell it September:

septmeber tv

Thanks to Yahoo! TV for reminding me of a great song.

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