Big blunders and little annoyances run through ‘The Thread’

Some writers make small, itsy-bitsy errors and others make huge, monumentally embarrassing mistakes. And some writers, like the author of “The Thread” on Yahoo! Shine, make both.

In the presence of the horribly misspelled Sofia Vergara, the missing hyphen (it should be on- and off-screen) and misplaced period (which belongs before the closing quotation mark) are minor annoyances:

modern family 1

There’s the mix of the merely irritating (like the missing hyphen in the compound adjective stressed-out) with the flagrant. Did she mean costumer? or designer? or costume designer?

modern family 2

The perplexing quotation marks around a character’s name and even more perplexing use of the pronouns she and her without a clear antecedent. Like, who wishes whose style was closer to Jean Seberg’s style? And who really cares?

Ah ha! She’s tried to correct that ugly misspelling and got it half-right:

modern family 3

Congratulations on getting Sofia’s last name right! Way to go! And thanks for making sure we all understand that Ms. Vergara plays a character named Gloria. It’s certainly an important fact that bears repeating.

And here’s a mistake that can’t be for real:

modern family 4

At least the misplaced apostrophe qualifies as unique: I’ve never, ever seen an apostrophe placed at the end of a contraction. I rate that as a little character that creates a big blunder.

Did Brad and Angelina adopt 3 more kids?

Last I knew, Brad and Angelina have six children — three of them were adopted. Now, in a breaking exclusive Yahoo! omg! announces that the couple has adopted three more children:

6 adopted movies

What a scoop for Yahoo!. When will the rest of the celeb-watching world catch on to this news?

DIY: A writing improvement project

DIY home improvement projects can increase the value of your home and bring in more capital when you sell it. But that doesn’t mean they deserve capital letters:

hobbies avatars

The writer on Yahoo! Avatars would do well to take on a writing improvement project.

Anna Sui’s lipstick for men

If men want to wear cosmetics, that’s fine with me. I do not judge. It’s really none of my business (or yours, either). It seems that Anna Sui makes makeup for men — called cosmentics — and Yahoo! Shine has the scoop:

sui shine 1

Out on a limb with Shirley MacLaine

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the writer of this caption Yahoo! TV has not idea how to spell Ms. MacLaine’s name and is too busy or too lazy to look it up:

mcclaine tv emmys

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