Lobbing through the wringer

When he’s not lobbing insults at “American Idol” contestants, Simon Cowell spends his time trying to influence legislators. No, no, that can’t be right. It doesn’t make sense, but it does appear in the Yahoo! Music blog “Reality Rocks,” so there must be some truth to it:

constantine music blog 1

Was there a ringer in “American Idol”? Someone who was put there by the producers to affect the outcome of the voting?

constantine music blog 2

And was the ringer put through the wringer like the other contestants?


2 Responses to “Lobbing through the wringer”

  1. smashey Says:

    I enjoy reading your blog very much. I thought I’d share two of my favorite sets of confused words. I hear many media commentators use the word “ferment” instead of “foment” to describe the promotion of revolution or protest. I also frequently hear “torturous” used instead of “tortuous” to describe difficult (twisting) processes such as diplomatic discussions or labor negotiations.
    Keep up the interesting and helpful good work.

  2. Laura Says:

    Smashey, you must listen to some pretty fancy news programs. But have no fear, you’re not likely to read “ferment” for “foment” or “torturous” for “tortuous” on Yahoo!. All four of those words are far beyond the basic vocabulary of Yahoo!’s writers.

    My favorite set of confused words found on Yahoo! is “pension” for “penchant.” It’s an error I’d never seen before and hope to never see again.

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