Guy Ritchie, the filmmaker and then-husband

Guy Ritchie was the then-husband of Madonna. And he’s still a filmmaker (with two M’s). But you’d never know it from this excerpt on Yahoo! Music:

then husband music

It’s back to school for you, too!

Someone working on Yahoo! Shine could use a grammar lesson or two:

back to school nights shine parenting

My back-to-school recommendation would be to focus on the use of the magical hyphen (to form compound adjectives like back-to-school) as well as how to form the plural of a noun without using an apostrophe, and why middle and high school-aged kids may know more than she does about writing.

The importance of the tooth fairy

You might be tempted to give extra importance to the tooth fairy (especially if you’re 4 years old) by capitalizing it. That might explain this incorrect reference on Yahoo! Shine:

tooth fairy shine hp

But there’s really no explanation for the hyphen. None.

It’s back to school for you!

Are back-to-school nights worth the effort? That’s what the writer on Yahoo! Shine should have written:

back to school nights shine hp

I can think of at least one writer would might benefit from going back to school.

Your ideal match just might be a proofreader

If you write for Yahoo! Shine, your ideal match might be a proofreader:

soul mate shine hp

Oprah’s show desinged

Do you think the writer of Yahoo! TV‘s “Daytime in No Time” is implying that the residue from some scorching was removed from the “Oprah” set?

oprah tv dint

That could just be a careless error, like the misplaced apostrophe in ’60s (it should be moved to the left to indicate an omission of the numerals 19). Or maybe it just needs to be moved to show’s, where it’s totally missing, not unlike the hyphen that belongs in Emmy Award-winning.

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