It’s a losing battle with some writers

Trying to improve the writing on Yahoo! Shine must be a losing battle. How can you help a writer whose grasp of language and common clichés is so tenuous:

tampon shine 1

What can you teach a writer who is unable to put a modifier like both where it belongs (which I think is before “creating and watching”, but I’m guessing):

tampon shine 2

How do you explain to a writer that she’s used the wrong word (vs. instead of and):

tampon shine 3

And how do you encourage a writer with no ear for language or knowledge of basic grammar that punctuation is required in some sentences:

tampon shine 4

For some writers, trying to improve their writing is a losing battle.

It’s not a huge show, just a huge mistake

One word can make a huge difference in the meaning of a sentence. The exec in question actually said, “It’s not a huge shift“:

show shine

If you’re quoting another Web site, there’s no reason for a mistake.  Someone should show the writer of this excerpt from Yahoo! Shine how to use Copy and Paste; then this blunder wouldn’t have happened.

Arguing about a run-in

If you’ve had a run-in with any writers on Yahoo! Shine, then you know that they can be a bit defensive about their writing. They might argue that the word run-in (when properly hyphenated) is the correct word here, although it means “a quarrel or argument:

pol kids shine 1

No one can argue that Amy Carter was ridiculed and is deserving of the correct verb.

The title prime minister doesn’t get capital letters unless it directly precedes the holder’s name. In this case, it would be José (not Juan) Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

pol kids shine 2

The writer is wrong again by forming the plural daughters by including an apostrophe (does anyone want to quibble about that third-grade error).

Moving the apostrophe to parents would make it correct:

pol kids shine 3

Halt! Who goes there?

Who goes there? Friend or foe? Or friend of foe?

 friend of foe shine hp

Only the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Shine knows.

Please don’t do your kid’s English homework

I don’t think the writer of this teaser on Yahoo! Shine should be doing her kid’s homework, especially English homework:

kids homework shine parenting

One tourist’s favorite countries

Did anyone read the story about top destinations mentioned on the Yahoo! front page? It might have been a more compelling story if  it were about more than one U.S. tourist:

tourist fp

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