It’s one bad breakup

Please don’t break up breakup when you’re using it as a noun.

Breakup is one of 30 words that are most often incorrectly hyphenated on Yahoo!. Today the breakup appears on the Yahoo! front page:

break-up fp


Elvis’ tresses and too many S’s

If you follow the Associated Press style (as editors on the Yahoo! front page allegedly do), then you’d notice an extra S in forming the possessive of Elvis:

elvis fp

According to AP style, you form the possessive of a proper noun ending in S by adding just an apostrophe.

Is this the height of avant-garde writing?

Has the writer on Yahoo! Shine entered into another dimension of communication, an avant-garde world where anything goes when it comes to spelling?

shoes shine fashion

A world where Lucite isn’t a trademark and Vuitton isn’t one of the biggest fashion houses in the world? Is that the world she lives in? If so, then she can spell words any way she likes. But those of us on the third rock from the sun will judge.

Shayne Lamas: Y not?

Why not include the Y in Shayne Lamas’ name? That’s the question of the day for the writer of Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time”:

shane lamas pint tv

This error is instantly recognizable

Any combination (unique or otherwise) deserves a singular verb, not the plural one on Yahoo! Autos:

make autos

Tweet ‘tweet’: Why you need a guide to writing

All writing can serve as an example for anyone who’s open to learning. In the case of the Yahoo! front page, the lesson is that every organization, company, or individual that publishes for the public needs a style guide.

You might not notice a word in quotation marks (like “tweet”), unless it appears next to the same word without the surrounding punctuation:

tweet fp

And you might not notice when an article on the same site capitalizes the word:

tweeting omg

But your readers might notice. And the impression is not a good one. But a style guide could eliminate inconsistencies like this — if writers and editors adhere to it.

Heidi and Spencer: Recovering addicts gone too far?

According to Yahoo! TV Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will appear on “Gone Too Far,” the reality show about the late DJ AM and his attempt to help recovering addicts:

gone too far tv

Speidi as recovering addicts? I don’t think so. I think that we’re more likely to see them in Season 5 of “The Hills.”

Good grammar and correct spelling strengthen your writing

Poor grammar weakens your writing. Take this nugget from Yahoo! Autos for example:

strengthens autos

The proof is left as an exercise.

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