Yodeling too hard?

Ya-hoooo! Someone may have been yodelin’ a little too hard over at Yahoo! and it may have temporarily affected the air supply to the writer’s brain. The writer of a recent blog entry on the Yahoo!  corporate blog, Yodel Anecdotal, made a couple of typos (let’s be charitable and call them that), a common punctuation error, and a homophonous goof.

Rob Cavallo might be an actual important person (I have no idea who he is), but he’s probably not the entire chief creative office. Maybe a chief creative officer. But office? I think not. Anyhoo, the man is highly acclaimed, which doesn’t need the hyphen after the adverb highly:

yodel 1

Mr. Cavallo may have been timing the coaching, but I think he probably spent time coaching:

yodel 2

Homophonous errors know no bounds:

yodel 3

Ya-hoooo! I think I’d be yodeling a little less and proofreading a little more.


What do you think?

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