Casting a new light on casting director Bonnie Timmermann

Yahoo! Movies cast a dim light on Bonnie Timmermann with this misspelling:

bonnie timmerman movies


One dirty little word

All it takes is one misspelled grimy word to spoil this headline on Yahoo! omg!:

grimey omg hp

Was it a typo? I don’t think so, because here it is again!

grimey omg 2

Here’s one more don’t

Who would have guessed it? After reporting three different spellings of the expression “do’s and don’ts,” I thought the subject was covered. Was there really yet another way to spell (or misspell) that cliché? Yep. Yahoo! Shine manages to find a fourth alternative, but just can’t figure out where the apostrophe goes in a contraction:

dos and donts shine 4

King of Turns?

I’m crowning this headline on Yahoo! Shine “Typo of the Day”:

turnking shine hp

Typos can be a royal pain in the ass.

Brookville: Hold the E

The home page of a music Web site, like Yahoo! Music, isn’t a good place to misspell an indie band’s name:

brookeville music

Diabetes steals Web site

It’s no laughing matter: Diabetes stole this woman’s life. But not before stealing her Web site:

site shine hp

I don’t know which is sadder: the loss of a friend or this headline on Yahoo! Shine.

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