Sneaking up a hill

Sneak a peek at this. Maybe the writer of “Daytime in No Time” on Yahoo! TV was thinking about sneaking up a mountain or something:

peak tv dint


Were a writer and editor involved?

Were a writer and editor involved in constructing this question on Yahoo! Music?

are either music hp

Is either aware that the word either is a singular?

Extending a little more effort

The writer of this photo caption on Yahoo! omg! should have extended a little more effort and come up with the right word:

extent omg

Slippery slop

There’s an amazing article on Yahoo! Shine. Amazing in the variety and number of sloppy errors one writer can make and inflict on the public. From the overly punctuated quotations here:

candy 1

and here:

candy 2

to the unnecessary and duplicated words here:

candy 3

There’s a mysterious expression that defies explanation:

candy 4

And the use of a zero instead of the letter O:

candy 5

WTF? How does the writer not see this little bit of HTML when proofreading?

candy 6

Silly me. Clearly the writer doesn’t proofread, because if she did, she’d notice that this is the wrong word:

candy 7

Injecting a little humor, the writer continues with the slop:

candy 8

Not that this is the worst error ever, but a missing article here makes the whole sentence a tad awkward:

candy 9

Poor Dad. He’s deserving of a capital letter here:

candy 10

Humor again! I love it! The writer was hoarding the hilarious homophonous errors, but is sharing them with the reader:

candy 11

This slippery slop may just get the writer a jump-start on reconsidering her career choice:

candy 12

Explaining Caroline Murphy

Maybe someone can explain this to me. How does a writer who specializes in fashion get supermodel Carolyn Murphy’s name wrong?

caroline murphy shine thread

One possible explanation: This was found on Yahoo! Shine and its standards don’t require accuracy from its writers.

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