Progress, but not Pilgrims

Last year, Yahoo! seemed unable to spell Thanksgiving and Pilgrim. This year, it’s just an undercapitalized Pilgrim on the Yahoo! front page:

and on the Yahoo! Events page:

I guess that’s progress. Not Pilgrim’s progress, but progress nonetheless.


No, it’s not a turducken

I think I’ll ignore all cooking advice on Yahoo! TV‘s “Daytime in No Time”:

A turducken is a chicken inside a duck, inside a turkey.

Congrats to whats-his-name for winning DWTS

Did Donny Osmond make an impression on the writer of Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time”?

So the writer grew up watching “The Donny and Marie Show,” but still can’t spell his name correctly. I guess Donny didn’t make such a good impression after all.

Illegal shrieks and squeals on ‘Oprah’

Last year, Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite Things” didn’t have the same illegal impact as in previous years:

To be explicit, illicit means “illegal”; elicit means “to bring out or provoke.” Implicit in this error? Someone at Yahoo! Shine needs a little remedial vocabulary lesson.

A peek at the peak of errors could pique your ire

A quick peek at the peak of all homophonic errors on Yahoo! Shine could pique your editorial ire:

Dysfunctional malfunctioning misfunction

Anyone who had the misfortune to read the Yahoo! front page today couldn’t miss this mistreatment:

The word the editor should have chosen is malfunction or dysfunction, and not the hybrid and nonexistent misfunction.

So few words, so many errors

It’s just two little words on the Yahoo! front page: ping pong. Add a hyphen and ping-pong would still be wrong. Capitalize the two Ps and Ping-Pong would still be wrong:

Why? Because Ping-Pong is a registered trademark; table tennis is the sport. It’s not the first time the Yahoo! editors have gotten it wrong.

For peaty sake! Men desert women in peat bogs

Don’t expect a man to come to the rescue of his wife if she should fall ill in a peat bog:

Thanks to Yahoo! Shine for the Laugh o’ the Day.

And it’s not Chris Elliott

The folks over at Yahoo! TV still can’t spell Chris Elliott‘s name correctly:

It’s still not Elliott Gould

Still unable to spell Elliott Gould, Yahoo! TV features the actor on its home page:

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