Let’s hope this is the last we see of the New Year

Please, let today be the last day we are confronted with the New Year. It’s just wrong. There’s New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and New Year’s. But without the apostrophe and S, it’s just new year. I wish someone had informed the writers and editors at Yahoo! Shine, because the error appears on its home page:

and three times on another page:



 And again on a third page:

Is there a conspiracy to change the capitalization of this common noun? Because the writer at Yahoo! TV seems to be in on it:


A Lakers win and a Coke and New Year’s loss

I don’t know what’s going on in the mind of this writer from Yahoo! omg!:

The Lakers won something, I guess. I’m thinkin’ the Lakers won that night. Maybe Nicole and Joel know what happened. Or perhaps Joel was too distracted sipping on a Coke (which lost its capital letter) to pay attention to the game:

Also lost during the game? The apostrophe in New Year’s Eve:

Graham Norton features ‘Doctor Who’

Comedian Graham Norton forgoes his usual talk-show format to present an entire episode of “Doctor Who.” At least that’s what Yahoo! TV claims:

It might seem a tad odd, but you know you can trust anything you read on Yahoo!.

New Year’s: Look! Look on the left!

Look! Look on the left! There it is! The correctly spelled New Year’s — apostrophe and all.

That’s all the writer for Yahoo! TV had to do.

A little consistency would be nice

Perhaps unable to decide if the TV network is FOX or Fox, the folks on the Yahoo! front page try to have it both ways:

And on the same page, someone decides to go the initial-cap route:

It’s the perfect example of why a company (especially one as large and far-reaching as Yahoo!) needs an editorial style guide that is followed by all writers and editors. A bit of consistency on the “world’s most trafficked website” would be nice.

The glitches of Eastwick

It’s just two sentences. So how does a writer make two glitches in two sentences and still have a job?

I guess if you work for Yahoo! TV incorrect pronouns (like using it’s instead of its) and typos (like be for by) are all in a day’s work.

Seven Seagals on one TV show

Shouldn’t the TV show be called “Seven SeagalLawmen”?

I think someone at Yahoo! TV made a little goof.

Fergie: Eating to lose weight?

Fergie ate everything in sight for her role in “Nine.” But was she trying to lose weight? gain weight? Only the writer for Yahoo! omg! knows:

It’s obviously not Gym Class Heroes

OMG! This is like the most obvious typo or misspelling or whatever on Yahoo! omg!:

Finally, a finale

It’s time to take the chill off this article on Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time” and replace it with chili:

When that’s done, you’re ready for the finale:

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