A better Michael Jackson tribute

You know what would have been a better Michael Jackson tribute? Spelling it correctly:

Once again yahoo.com, the world’s most visited Web site, pays tribute to its readers with a typo.


A mistake of a different stripe

I don’t know why I’m surprised by this. If the writers at Yahoo! omg! can’t tell horizontal stripes from vertical ones, I shouldn’t expect them to know any better when they wrote this photo caption:

The pattern might be putrid (such a sophisticated word!), but it sure ain’t stripes. Here’s the accompanying picture on Yahoo! omg!:

So, maybe the writer’s thinking “it’s got horizontal stripes and vertical stripes” (without really knowing which is which), so it’s striped!

Granting more to Clare Grant

Ms. Grant is granted an extra letter in this photo caption on Yahoo! Movies:

Blame it on snow blindness

No doubt blinded by the glare from their computer screen, the editor on the Yahoo! front page was unable to see the separated snowstorm:

What’s wrong with kids eating habits?

It’s missing an apostrophe! But omitting necessary punctuation isn’t something new on Yahoo! Shine:

Is it news? Music? Let’s have both!

Unable to decide if it’s a news site or a music site, Yahoo! Music tries to have it both ways:

Rosie O’Donnell explores diverse families

That’s what the writer should have written on Yahoo! TV:

Beyonce interrupted

It’s almost Beyonce on the home page of Yahoo! Music:

Renée Zellweger’s bad example

If you’re trying to be excruciatingly correct by including the accent mark in Renée Zellweger’s name, be sure you know where to put it. Don’t follow the example on the Yahoo! front page:

And don’t follow the example of spelling sideswiped with a hyphen. It doesn’t have one.

Serena Williams: Historic win, epic fail

It may have been a historic win for Ms. Williams, but it’s an epic fail on the Yahoo! front page:

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