Take the initiative

Someone on the Yahoo! front page team should have taken the initiative and proofread this:


It’s a dead ringer for a funny cliché

The English language is once again put through the wringer at the keyboard of a Yahoo! Shine writer:

Oops. I was looking for the U.S. version of Yahoo!

This spelling of rumors on the Yahoo! front page isn’t wrong — in the English-speaking world outside the U.S.:

There’s no defense for this

I was in a hurry. I was tired. My blood sugar was low. I’m menopausal. My fingers slipped. My mother called. It looks OK to me.

So, maybe there is a defense for this on the Yahoo! front page:

Not a good defense. Just a defense.

Nice! That’s really nice

There’s certainly a nice variety of mistakes in this home page teaser on Yahoo! Shine:

There’s the superfluous comma, the missing word, and the erroneously capitalized A-listers.

Would that be Alan, Dax, or Sam Shepard?

No, that would be a misspelling of shepherd on Yahoo! TV:

I’m dumbstruck, but I can still pound the keyboard

Some errors are so egregious that they leave me dumbstruck. But, while my mouth is unable to make a sound, my fingers can still pound the keyboard as I bring you this startling news from Yahoo! Shine:

I think this is good news: An illness can be attacked and possibly wiped out by another illness! That’s totally awesome. Unless, of course, the writer of this teaser got it wrong. Could it be that one with an illness may be stricken by another condition? That would be a real bummer. And I’d be dumbstruck by the writer’s monumental carelessness or stupidity.

This week on the East Coast this week

Did I mention there was a blizzard on the East Coast this week?

Did I mention that the region of the U.S. along the Atlantic is the East Coast (with great, big capital letters)? And did I mention the blizzard this week?

Thanks for Yahoo! Shine for sharing this week’s news.

1 way to brighten up an editor’s day

Try including the apostrophe in a possessive noun:

Another lesson learned courtesy of the editors at Yahoo! Shine.

We’re really embarrassed

We’ve rounded up yet another error on the home page of Yahoo! Shine:

It’s a bit embarrassing, don’t ya think?

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