Blackberry: Do you mean the fruit?

The editor on the Yahoo! front page seems a bit befuddled when it comes to the correct capitalization of the handheld device:

Blackberry (with just one big B) is a fruit; put another big B in it, and it’s a brand of smartphone.


Don’t follow’s this lead

If you can avoid it, you should! Don’t follow the writer’s lead on Yahoo! omg!:

Snoop Dogg: Taking the rap

It’s actually the writer for Yahoo! omg! who should take the rap for mangling Snoop Dogg’s name:

Wheat flower? Really?

Did the blogger for Yahoo! TV‘s “Daytime in No Time” really think this correct, or is it an early April Fools’ prank?

How much is a pavillion?

More than a gazillion? Or just a careless misspelling of pavilion? Only the writer for Yahoo! omg! knows:

See who knows how to play up her assets

It’s not the writer of this excerpt on Yahoo! Shine:

Clearly her assets don’t include typing and spell-checking.

Mathematically wrong, objectively speaking

Let’s be objective about this, shall we? This is just wrong, wrong, wrong:

According to the author of the “The Y! Radish” blog on Yahoo! Music, his mathematical formula is objective. So why did the editor of this teaser call it subjective? Maybe for the same reason he or she misspelled mathematical — ignorance or indifference. Or both.

You should know this about Pilates

How did I know that Ellen Barrett’s name was mangled in this photo caption on Yahoo! Shine?

Pretty simple: I looked at the photo!

And how did I know that Pilates is a proper noun? I’m smart. And I Googled it! 

Anyone with an eighth grade education could spot the misplaced correlative conjunction either…or, and anyone who can read can see the “typo” in 20-minutes:

Maybe it takes a more careful eye to see the missing hyphen in three-trainer, three-part, and high-intensity and to work out that workout is wrong:

I guess if you don’t know that Pilates is named for its founder, Joseph Pilates, you’d think it was a common noun and always spell it with a lowercase P:

But I’m thinking if you didn’t know that basic fact, maybe you shouldn’t be writing about yoga.

Spotting a Gargamel goof. Among others

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I spotted this misspelling of Gargamel right away on Yahoo! Music‘s “That’s Really Week” blog:

I also noticed that the writer doesn’t know where to put an apostrophe when referring to Marie Osmond’s publicist:

Nor does she know that an ex-producer requires a hyphen and a lawsuit is misspelled when you include a space:

And that lawsuit is still one word:

That’s what I spotted in one Yahoo! blog. Did I miss anything?

Tobey Maguire: It’s still not right

What is so difficult about Tobey Maguire’s name that the editors at Yahoo! Movies can’t get it right?

At least they didn’t misspell his first name. Is that progress?

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