You should know this about Pilates

How did I know that Ellen Barrett’s name was mangled in this photo caption on Yahoo! Shine?

Pretty simple: I looked at the photo!

And how did I know that Pilates is a proper noun? I’m smart. And I Googled it! 

Anyone with an eighth grade education could spot the misplaced correlative conjunction either…or, and anyone who can read can see the “typo” in 20-minutes:

Maybe it takes a more careful eye to see the missing hyphen in three-trainer, three-part, and high-intensity and to work out that workout is wrong:

I guess if you don’t know that Pilates is named for its founder, Joseph Pilates, you’d think it was a common noun and always spell it with a lowercase P:

But I’m thinking if you didn’t know that basic fact, maybe you shouldn’t be writing about yoga.

What do you think?

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