Forsooth, for soothe

Zounds and forsooth! Someone can’t spell soothe on Yahoo! Shine:


Nightmare on the front page

It’s a nightmare of a spelling on the Yahoo! front page:

At least the editor spelled Mr. Krueger’s name right 50 percent of the time. That’s good, isn’t it?

Take a tip from an editor

Take a tip from an editor and learn the difference between a proper noun (like South) and a common noun (like bourbon) so you can avoid embarrassing mistakes like these on Yahoo! Shine:

Spelling au naturel

The bare facts: The expression is au naturel. As to the rest of this sentence on Yahoo! Shine? Who knows what the writer meant?

Ta-ta pintata

I don’t know why I find this misspelling so funny:

It’s from Yahoo! omg!, which is not so funny.

A very special Alesha Renee

Yeah, right. Your co-host is so very special you can’t take the time to learn how to spell her name.

She’s so very special that you misspell her name not once — not twice  — but three times:

This very special tribute is brought to you by Yahoo! Shine‘s “The Thread.”

Who do you trust?

This is why you can’t trust everything you read on the Yahoo! front page:

The brilliant editor who wrote this headline apparently hasn’t read a newspaper in the last ten years — the company once known as British Petroleum changed its name to BP in 2000. Are you as appalled as I am by this boneheaded mistake?

An Editors’ Choice Award would be a lot more impressive

An award from one person is nice, but not as impressive as one from multiple people. So, I’m not all that taken with this claim on the Yahoo! front page:

May Day! May Day!

Someone needs help over at Yahoo! News. Help in spelling May Day:

Help in cleaning up the incomprehensible and the redundant:

Help in separating words and securing the correct spelling:

Someone, please, help this writer. A competent editor would be a start!

Multimillion payload? Largest in history?

Is a multimillion payload (or should that be multimillion payloads?) the largest in history?

Perhaps the editor who wrote this headline on the Yahoo! front page knows.

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