If only there were a way to check facts

Writing is hard. There’s grammar, punctuation, spelling, and stuff to worry about. Who has time to make sure every word is included in every sentence? Not this writer for Yahoo! Shine:

Who has time to check every little fact? Does it really matter if an article about movies actually contains actual movie titles? I wasn’t sure what movie this photo caption was supposed to describe:

So I did a really radical thing: I looked at the photo right above it:

Oh! Now I get it. I wish the writer had thought to look at the picture she posted. I also wish she won’t make the kinds of mistakes that happen approximately every day on Yahoo!:

In addition, I wish she wouldn’t use the redundant also when she’s using in addition. What’s more, I think she could use a little help in the grammar department. I thought we all learned in fourth grade that a plural subject (like hair and wardrobe) requires a plural verb (like, oh, say, are).

We shouldn’t expect that a writer who can’t get a movie title right would be at all concerned about getting a character’s name correct. That explains the misspelled Professor Bhaer here:

Two hyphens are missing here: One to create the compound adjective three-hankie and one to spell Mary-Louise Parker’s name correctly:

What’s the cause of this error? ‘Cause I think it’s that the writer doesn’t know any better. Poor thing. She can’t even hit the Shift key to make Tupelo the proper noun it is:

If only the writer had a way to look up the correct spelling of Ms. Goldberg’s name. And if only the writer knew the expression was either “cross-country” or “across the country.” And if only the writer knew how to spell Ms. Parker’s first name. Again:

I know! I know! How about looking at the photo directly above the caption! That might help!

God, why didn’t the writer think of that? Why didn’t her editor think of that?


4 Responses to “If only there were a way to check facts”

  1. MJS Says:

    Your third sentence contains a writing error. You wrote, “‘How’ has time…” Don’t you mean, “‘Who’ has time?”

  2. Laura Says:

    Yes, you’re right! (Or, as Yahoo!’s writers might say, “your rite.”) Thanks for pointing it out and helping to illustrate that everyone needs an editor or proofreader. I’ll correct it right away.

  3. MJS Says:

    Technically, it really looked like a dyslexic slip-up, of which I’m frequently guilty, especially with “form” and “from”. Grrrrrrr.

  4. Laura Says:

    MJS, thanks for the excuse. I think I’ll use it in the future. “It’s not my fault! I’m dsylexic!”

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