On the the front page

It might have gone unnoticed, except that it’s on the the front page of Yahoo!:


Good luck with that ferry to Ellis Island

After some astoundingly stupid grammatical (and other) mistakes, the writer for Yahoo! Shine makes an astoundingly ignorant statement.

It all starts with the pronoun they, which has no antecedent. The pronoun should refer to a store, which is singular; the pronoun should be it. It continues with a bunch of words that make no sense:

With all those TV shows about hoarding and hoarders, is there still someone who doesn’t know the difference between hoard and horde? Apparently, yes:

According to this brilliant author, visitors reopened the Statue of Liberty’s crown. (Or, the writer has no clue that a pronoun needs an antecedent. In fact, I’m pretty sure she has no idea what an antecedent is.) There’s a comparison that’s not complete (seven times more people than what?) and a ferry ride to Ellis Island to visit the Statue of Liberty:

Good luck with that trip to Ellis Island. You can see the Statue of Liberty from the island, but if you want to visit Lady Liberty, you’ll have to go to Liberty Island, idiot.

Time to turn in your Girl card

When do you know it’s time to turn in your Girl card? Not when you misspell prevalent or place a hyphen after an adverb ending in LY, like this writer did on Yahoo! Shine:

No, that’s when it’s time to turn in your Writer/Editor card. You should turn in your Girl card when you misspell Botox:

or when can’t capitalize French:

Or when you can’t spell Louis Vuitton: 

No self-respecting fashionista would ever make a mistake like that. Hand it over.

Christina Kolozsvary S-less

Christina Kolozsvary loses an S at the keyboard of a Yahoo! Movies writer:

What is a BMI index?

It’s a body mass index index and it’s on the Yahoo! front page:

Reminds me of a VIN number, which also appeared on yahoo.com. They just love those redundancies over at Yahoo!.

Messing up the military

I think the editor for the  Yahoo! front page who can’t spell nuptials also has a problem with the military:

Messing up the nuptials

Here’s a new one for me. I’ve read that some people think a wedding ceremony is pronounced nup-tu-al, but I never believed it. Certainly I never expected that from a professional writer or editor responsible for the Yahoo! front page, which is viewed by hundreds, if not thousands, of people every day. But here it is:

Clearinghouse of gaffes

It’s a clearinghouse of misspellings, typos, and nonsense. This article from Yahoo! News is allegedly written by a professional journalist. But who is really responsible for allowing this to be published online?

Who should have prevented the misspelled clearinghouse (or alternatively, clearing-house), the incorrect capably, misspelled moment and defensive, lowercase GOP, and mangled George Allen?

Shouldn’t someone have noticed that this is nonsense?

Possibly the worst headline ever

Is there any reader who could possibly confuse the Yahoo! News blog with real journalism?

I think not.

This explains what do when

Thanks to Yahoo! Shine for clearing that up:

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