Comma-tose at Yahoo!

Someone at Yahoo! must be comma-tose. She has no idea how to use punctuation. Or even if punctuation is necessary. And that someone wrote this mess for Yahoo! Shine:

The wrong punctuation (a period instead of a question mark), the missing punctuation (like a comma or two) and the mysterious “to do it toss it” are just the start.  The article continues with a cap on melamine (it’s not a proper noun), the laughable plural one’s, and the missing also in the correlative conjunction not only…but also:

This comma should be a semicolon or a colon:

A comma is required to separate two independent causes clauses joined with and; another comma is needed after the word quick and the comma should be a semicolon:

Finally, the writer probably doesn’t know this, but a pronoun needs an antecedent — the word it refers to. If the antecedent is plural (ice cubes), the pronoun must be plural (they).

I’ve read a lot of bad writing, but I’ve never read anything by anyone who was more punctuation-challenged. Nice job!

3 Responses to “Comma-tose at Yahoo!”

  1. Wallee Says:

    […] Comma-tose at Yahoo! « Terribly Write […]

  2. Irfan Says:

    In the line before the ‘solution# 6,’ the word should have been ‘clauses’ instead of the current ’causes.’

  3. Laura Says:

    Irfan, thanks for catching that one! It’s not something a spell-checker would have found and proves that everyone needs an editor!

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