What’s next for yahoo.com? LMFAO?

Yahoo! may have had to abandon any hope of hiring college graduates to write headlines for its front page. Heck, I think it may have abandoned hope of hiring high school graduates. It looks like the Internet giant is content with hiring elementary-school dropouts, who probably write just the way they speak:

What’s next for headlines on yahoo.com? I expect to see LMFAO any day now.


Samantha Ronson: Has she visited Lindsay Lohan?

Has Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Samantha Ronson, visited her in jail? According to Yahoo! omg!, someone closely resembling the DJ has:

Hip-hop swap

If two guys can swap wives, why can’t the writer for Yahoo! TV swap hip-hop? I’m just askin’.

Kara DioGuardi deserves better!

It’s bad enough to be so publicly booted from “American Idol,” but  Yahoo! TV adds insult to injury with this lowercasing of Kara DioGuardi:

Monasteries mysteries

What happened to the monasteries on Yahoo! Games?

Putting a round on a diet or just making it paler?

I’m not sure how a round gets put on a diet or maybe grows paler, but I’m pretty sure the writer for Yahoo! Shine could tell us:

She could probably tell us why she has so much trouble with punctuation and with capitalizing trademarks like BlackBerry correctly:

There it is again! And it’s accompanied by some random capital letters in a common noun:

Oy. Let’s be clear: prime ministers and journalists are just like regular folks. They don’t get capital letters:

Did I miss anything in this article? Got more? Put ’em in the comments, y’all:

Time to clean up your act

Here’s an area that could use a real cleanup (or is it clean-up?) effort — the Yahoo! front page. It’s hard to believe that the editor who wrote this headline:

works for the same company as the person who wrote this:

It’s not the first time…

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this problem on Yahoo! TV — and I’m guessing it won’t be the last:

Alistair Rai, the real standout

It takes just one sentence to come to the conclusion that the writer for “The Thread” on Yahoo! Shine has no clue about the niceties of punctuation and isn’t exactly a spelling genius. There’s at least two missing commas, a dropped S from Yankees, and a misspelled fiancée in this sentence:

This sentence doesn’t exactly reinforce her reputation as an expert on comma usage and fashion:

Of course, the commas here (which might have slipped down from the preceding sentence) are wrong, wrong, wrong. But it’s the misspelled Alistair Rai that’s the really standout.

More surreal than ‘surreal TV’

Surreal TV? What’s really surreal is this bit of crap from Yahoo! Shine:

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