Time to clean up your act

Here’s an area that could use a real cleanup (or is it clean-up?) effort — the Yahoo! front page. It’s hard to believe that the editor who wrote this headline:

works for the same company as the person who wrote this:


7 Responses to “Time to clean up your act”

  1. Brittany Taylor Says:

    What is going on with Yahoo!? Seriously. A mistake here and there is one thing, but this is more than a sprinkling! I think the eds over there need a boot camp. Or maybe just a boot ;P

    Thanks for visiting my blog >> brittanymtaylor.wordpress.com! I’ll be adding yours to my reader!

  2. BP News Says:

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  3. Oil Spill News Says:

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  4. Laura Says:

    Horrifying, isn’t it? I think there’s just no commitment to quality at Yahoo!.

  5. billbennettnz Says:

    I don’t know about you, but ‘clean-up’ is a horrible, clumsey phrase at the best of times. Much better to recase.

  6. billbennettnz Says:

    Whoops recast.

    Hit return, not backspace

  7. Laura Says:

    Choosing to use “cleanup” or “clean-up” might have been the result of a space issue. It’s a fairly common word in the U.S., so I think it’s understandable by the target audience. But it wouldn’t have been hard to standardize its spelling.

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