How’d that proofreading go?

So, how did that proofreading job for Yahoo! omg! go? Huh? You were fired? Just because you didn’t spot the repeated word?

Do you think maybe it had something to do with that goofy HTML-laden link?


3 Responses to “How’d that proofreading go?”

  1. distinguishyourenglishblog Says:

    This article makes it clear that bad spelling can jeopardise the legitimacy of the text. If not enough attention is paid to proper spelling and grammar, you could jeopardise the image of yourself as a journalist, or a writer, or jeopardise the brand image that you are representing. Too often people disregard the basics. Bad spelling and grammar is on the rise due to social media and slang, therefore, it has become more important to stand out for the right reasons by reviewing your work before you hit ‘publish.’ Another tip to stand out professionally is to convey proper English on all of your social media platforms. Becoming consistent with correct English will become useful when writing a paper, writing an email, or designing a pitch for a client.

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