Ack! Running out of red ink!

Help! I’m running out of red ink! There are so many errors in this article on Yahoo! Shine that my computer and my brain can’t handle them all. It starts with the first sentence, where a dangling participle indicates that the stars of TV were growing up:

I guess that could happen, but it would make more sense if it were the viewer growing up watching TV stars. I’m just sayin’.

Ugh. Did this writer really watch TV, or is she just making stuff up? Mallory wasn’t the middle sister on “Family Ties”; she was the middle child in a family with one son and two daughters. And she wore Fair Isle sweaters and laid-back styles:

There’s a hyphen missing in close-up:

There’s something missing here and I don’t mean just words. It’s accuracy: Denise Huxtable was part of the Huxtable clan. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

The character played by Farrah Fawcett was Jill Munroe, not what the writer alleges here:

I don’t know why the writer had to tell us that something (was it blouses, dresses, or something called blouses dresses?) was “pastel colored” and not simply “pastel”:

Poof! I wish there were a magic way to get rid of the errors. What the hell is a “guys-guys”? It makes no sense to me. Holy crap, there’s another error!

No, no, no. There are no hyphens in the verbs “mixed and matched.” There just aren’t. And adding them is kinda kitschy:

I think the writer has confused the character Mary Richards with the actress who plays her, Mary Tyler Moore. Kinda a careless (or worse) error:

If a gal is from the southeastern portion of the States, she’s a Southern belle, with a capital S:

Whew! I think I need to go Office Depot and buy some more ink. Just in case this writer decides to inflict another article on the reading public.


Take your best shot

This isn’t the best example of proofreading, but at least the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Upshot” gave it a good shot.

The hyphen in earth-like is correct, but when it refers to the planet, it should be Earth:

Good job with the hyphen in write-ins; unfortunately, it should be write-in:

The writer gets props for being consistent. Wrong, but consistent:

Lisa Murkowski better hope this writer doesn’t vote in Alaska

Let’s hope for the sake of Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign that the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Upshot” doesn’t vote in her home state of Alaska. The Yahoo! journalist seems to have a bit of trouble spelling the candidate’s name:

Not once, but twice:

Is Sen. Murkowski also supporting another write-in candidate? Probably not. Most likely it’s just another typo that we’ve come to expect from “The Upshot.” The writer most likely meant “to run a write-in campaign” or “to run as a write-in candidate.” I think.

Keep this error undercover

If you’re the writer for Yahoo! TV, perhaps you should have looked at the picture to the left before publishing this recap:

A dumbfounding mistake

I’m actually dumbfounded by this mistake on the Yahoo! front page:

Let’s just be charitable and call it a typo, shall we?

I think a key got stuck

I’m thinkin’ the E key on the writer’s keyboard got stuck when she tried to tap out James O’Keefe:

From “The Upshot” on Yahoo! News.

You’re not writing on someone’s Facebook wall

For some people, the writing standards for comments on Facebook are a bit lax. But if you’re a professional writer, your readers expect grammatically correct prose. So, maybe the writer for Yahoo! Movies was a bit confused and thought he or she was writing on a friend’s Facebook wall:

When using the correlative conjunction either…or, a real writer knows that it must join like things, like two nouns, two verbs, or two clauses — not a clause and a noun. I’m not sure about the word internet, because Yahoo! doesn’t seem to have a standard for spelling it; you’ll see it as both internet and Internet throughout Yahoo!. There’s also a missing word (it should be something like “life story has been made”) and when you’re talking directly to Steve Jobs, put a comma before his name.

Take that, “professional” writer!

Do you know your ZIP code?

Is it ZIP or zip? Who knows!? Certainly not the writer working on the Yahoo! front page, who decided to have it both ways:

Cause for expulsion

Is this cause for expulsion? 

A typo on the “world’s most trafficked site,” the Yahoo! front page, is a bit embarrassing for the Internet giant.

Justin Bieber: I before E

It’s still “I before E, except after C” when spelling Justin Bieber’s last name. Someone at Yahoo! Shine forgot that little lesson from third grade:

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