Possibly the worst writing on the Web

You might overlook the occasional typo and misspelling in a high school newspaper, but when a barrage of errors appears in an article written by a senior features editor for a major Web player, you might be aghast. I know I was when I read this article on Yahoo! Shine, which might possibly be the worst writing by a professional. The number and severity of errors is astounding.

The mess starts in the first sentence: It’s not a proper noun, so why capitalize loafers?

The pronoun should be their (its antecedent is the plural mainstays) and there shouldn’t be a space separating 21st:

It’s Lilly Pulitzer!

I bet the preppy handbook didn’t contain as many errors as this single sentence, which seems to be lacking something called punctuation:

I can’t understand how this woman is allowed to publish this crap:

I wish I knew where I could get a job as a writer where quality is unimportant:

Yikes! Who doesn’t know how to Ms. Kardashian’s name? Not this “senior features editor”:

Double yikes! Polo is a trademark. It needs a capital letter. Every time.

If it’s not a verb, follow-up is hyphenated (or one word, according to some dictionaries):

This writer has a talent for cramming in the most errors in the fewest words. How do you omit a word and use the wrong word (it should be it’s) in such a small space?

Can’t she make up her mind? Isn’t there a dictionary or in-house style guide she can consult to choose between a t-shirt and a T-shirt?

The brand is Lacoste, a proper noun:

Crimey. My advice to this writer is to avoid French words, because misspelling nouveau just makes you look dumb. And try using a hyphen once in a while to avoid looking like a washed-up hack:

Are there any other names she can mangle? It’s Bret Easton Ellis who wrote “American Psycho,” a title deserving of italics or quotation marks:

I have no idea what this Engrish is supposed to be:

So, when she does try to use a hyphen, it’s wrong; when she uses a trademark like Polo, it’s wrong:

It’s still Lilly Pulitzer, goddammit. Try looking at the photo credit for a hint!

Another piece of amateurish writing, unworthy of a high school newspaper from Shine. Awesome.

7 Responses to “Possibly the worst writing on the Web”

  1. happyflowerwordzoo002 Says:

    There remains reason to employ editors and proofreaders. Thank-you for an explicit post about the responsibility of a professional writer to make professional use of the language. Excellent detection.

  2. Robert Says:

    Wow. Even by Yahoo!’s remarkably poor standards, this is remarkably poor. Regarding the article’s text, “even its really Danielle Steele” – it’s really Danielle Steel. So that’s one more error in such a small space. Three errors in five words.

  3. Laura Says:

    Thanks for your comment. I hope we’ll see more of your comments on TW. Maybe if the folks at Yahoo! read TW and the comments, they’ll begin to take their writing seriously.

  4. Laura Says:

    Thanks for pointing out one more error by this “editor.” I guess my brain was overloaded when I read that. Or maybe I was just blinded by my anger at the carelessness and cavalier attitude of the editors at Shine. I find it really insulting that they publish crap like this and think that their readers wouldn’t notice.

    I’m adding Danielle Steel to my list of misspelled celebrities, which now numbers more than 600. You’d think that the writers and editors at Yahoo! would learn to use a search engine to check the spelling of names. I hear Google is pretty good for that.

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