The cachet of a writer

There’s a certain cachet to being a writer — but only if you’re a good writer. The writer of this article on Yahoo! Shine lacks the required quality that would give her that distinction.

There’s no glory in misspelling model Bar Refaeli’s name:

Nor in misspelling trophy in a photo caption:

So let’s look at another of her mistakes to see if she deserves the cachet of a writer:

Nope. And it’s confirmed. She still can’t spell Bar Refaeli:

Writing doesn’t get its shine without a little proofreading and editing. Perhaps she’d earn a bit of shine with a little support from someone who knows the difference between a possessive pronoun and a contraction:

More cachet-killing errors?

I don’t care how wealthy he is, if he’s a hotelier, he doesn’t get special treatment. His cachet? Perhaps it’s his ability to use the correct word. And maybe he’s really well-dressed. And maybe this writer hasn’t earned the cachet of a writer.


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