Noah Emmerich: Don’t go all postal!

I can see how anyone could make this mistake:

Really, it’s just a typo, for sure. Anyone could have done that. After all, both the H key and the K key appear on the same keyboard. So, don’t go all postal on the writer for Yahoo! Movies.


Lea Michele: Wrong on both counts

How do you get this bad? How can you misspell both the first and last name of star like Lea Michele and still hold your job?

Possibly no one at Yahoo! Movies cares about the credibility of the site or respects their readers enough to do a bit of research or proofreading.

There’s no competition here

There’s no winner, just a loser, on the Yahoo! front page:

Competition is part of the pageant’s name, so there’s no reason to capitalize it.

Hi! It’s Liraz Charhi!

Hey, did you notice Liraz Charhi on Yahoo! Movies? Me neither. But there’s someone who looks like her in this photo.

See if you can you find the error

Can you find the error on the Yahoo! TV home page?

Ty Burrell’s fair game

When it comes to mangling a name, everyone’s fair game at Yahoo! Movies:

That should have been Ty Burrell.

Ignoring grammar and making mistakes

Ignoring grammar and making mistakes aren’t the best ways to win over readers. They just make you look ignorant or careless. Thanks to the folks on the Yahoo! front page for illustrating the point:

Yahoo! staffers fail a Yahoo! search

Does Yahoo! require its staffers to use Yahoo! Search? Apparently not. If the editor working on the Yahoo! front page actually performed the search recommended on, he or she would have seen that there’s a misspelling here:

This Pee Wee didn’t fool me

Those wacky editors who work on the Yahoo! front page are up to some Halloween hijinks! They tried to put one over on their readers, but they didn’t fool me. I know that it wasn’t Pee Wee Reese who visited Rachael Ray, as they claim:

And how do I know? Mr. Reese died in 1999. The real visitor to Ms. Ray’s show was one Pee-wee Herman.

Huh? Is that a question?

Huh? Does putting a question mark at the end of a sentence make it a question? Uh, no. Here’s proof from Yahoo! Shine:

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