Imagining what it’s like to be a real writer

Do you ever imagine what it’s like to be a professional writer? One who actually collects wads of cash for writing? If you want to get a gig at Yahoo! Shine, you really, really should proofread your writing:

If you think this is correct, then ask a real editor to weigh in:

Maybe this is a typo, or it may be that you think it is okie-dokie:

You could be a fine writer, but it is more likely both your spelling and your grammar are wobbly. And you really don’t know that the correlative conjunction both…and needs to join like items:

Can you size up the problems here? (Hint: There’s two unnecessary and incorrect hyphens and two missing hyphens.)

Do you have trouble proofreading. Yes? Do you spend time imagining what it would be like to write like a real professional?

One Response to “Imagining what it’s like to be a real writer”

  1. e6n1 Says:

    Great post!

    The unnecessary hyphens were in ‘black and white’. It is only hyphenated when in reference to media or arts, for example, ‘black-and-white films’

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