Writing gaffes elicit laughs

Ha! It’s just too, too funny that there is a so-called senior editor working for Yahoo! Shine who gets paid to write this:

Mistakes like that can elicit guffaws, eye-rolls, or deep depression. I prefer to see the humor in a huge company like Yahoo! throwing money at a writer who probably hasn’t benefited from a high school education. 

There’s nothing wrong about this, unless you feel that a dollar sign and the word dollars is a tad redundant. Personally, I think it’s hilarious:

I don’t think women are allowed to keep their kid’s stuff — that would piss off a lot of kids. Perhaps they should just keep their kid stuff. Either way, it’s pretty funny:

Little League is a proper noun, but seeing it in lowercase gives me the giggles:

Again with the dollar sign and dollars! Too funny! Really. And if you’re referring to the auction house, it should be Christie’s:

I have no clue as to how you take a noun like jailbait and create a meaningful verb. Really, you don’t. It makes no sense. And neither does the hyphen in con artists. And do men pack a teddy bear or multiple teddy bears? The answer is locked inside the head of this genius comedic writer:

This is just a missing hyphen, but I think the minimalist punctuation is funny:

A typo? Hilarious. A misplaced both is amusing for both girls and boys:

OK, so how many mistakes can a writer make in three words? (It’s kinda like a riddle. And I love riddles.) There’s the unnecessary commas, the missing space, and worst still, the undercapitalized John DeVore. I think that’s four!

In this side-splitting article, it’s only fitting that the writer include a totally incomprehensible (but hilarious!) statement comparing a man with a prized possession or maybe prized possessions. Or something else.

What do you think?

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