When a star comes into bloom

Ya just gotta love a writer with a sense of humor. Someone who doesn’t take herself or the English language too seriously. It’s a rare talent that this writer for Yahoo! Shine brings to every subject.

Adding a hyphen to overpaid is just the start of the hilarity:

Writing about a cross between Will Ferrell and Colin Farrell produces a certain comic effect:

It’s mind-blowing how she can use a pronoun like it without an antecedent

But we know this writer loves to throw in a word here and there that looks nearly right but is totally wrong:

How clever (in a funny ha-ha way) to omit the hyphen from the compound modifier top-paid. But the real humor comes with their instead of they’re:

Anyone can spell Anne Hathaway’s name correctly; but her spelling is so humorous. It takes a real comedic genius to mix a metaphor about a blooming star:

So, how is it that a writer can find humor in missing words and dropping an apostrophe from Hollywood’s and adding a hyphen to overpaid? “An average $20 million this year” just makes no sense, unless it was an average per film. Or unless the writer is a real comedian.

This writer’s comedy star has finally come into bloom.


6 Responses to “When a star comes into bloom”

  1. Illerterateee Fool Says:

    Please kind blog writer’s sir will you explain to me whats wrong with ‘to back it up’.?

  2. Illerterateee Fool Says:

    “It’s mind-blowing how she can use a pronoun like it without an antecedent”
    “but they are not able to back it up”
    How to write this sentence correctly??

  3. Laura Says:

    Illerterateee Fool:
    Since I’m not sure what “it” refers to, I can only guess at how to rewrite it. If “it” refers to “salaries,” then it should be “but they are not able to back them up.” But I don’t know that that is the author’s intent.

  4. Gwendolyn Says:

    Ha! I love the whole star blooming metaphor. Any hack can use a cliche, but it takes someone really creative to write a totally meaningless phrase. Love your blog BTW.

  5. Illerterateee Fool Says:

    Thank you Laura.

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