A number of really big mistakes

I’m scratching my head and dusting dandruff off my keyboard. I’m trying to imagine why an Internet giant like Yahoo! would allow this to happen. How does a writer who has made more than 50 mistakes in a single article continue to write for Yahoo! Shine? Could it be that Shine is a site for women and that Yahoo! has no respect for its audience, their need for accurate information, or their ability to identify crap?

A reader might not notice the hyphen dropped from backed-up. But anyone with an IQ above room temperature would know that a cruise ship cannot carry 45,000 people. Anyone (even a woman) would know that passengers and crew can’t be aboard a cruise, but could be on a cruise ship.

Most high school graduates know that there needs to be a comma after a city, state combination and that an apostrophe is not an acceptable substitute for a quotation mark:

A spell-checker would have found this typo, so why doesn’t the writer use one?

A proofreader would have removed the apostrophe and S from she’s and would have ensured that Internet was capitalized. I’ll let the hopefully slide, but I can’t ignore the fact that the writer is hoping that the tug boats return safely. It might be more meaningful if the cruise ship returned safely:

After all that, let’s hope that the writer gets help from an editor, preferably one who respects women readers. Maybe the editor would also know how to form the plural of a name and supply a missing word or two:


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