I’m not loving this New Year’s Eve

What is up with this New Year’s Eve? The T-shirt has at least two errors and the caption has another. Thanks, Yahoo! Avatars. Nice way to start 2011!


Joe Miller refuses to give up fight for Senate

Joe Miller is no longer conceding the Alaskan Senate race!  I have it on good authority that he thinks maybe he still can win the seat:

Those genius editors composing headlines on the Yahoo! front page are always way ahead of the journalistic crowd, breaking news that actually never happened. Sigh.

Someone’s been dipping into the holiday punch

Put down the holiday punch or spiked eggnog or whatever the heck you’re drinking. It’s affecting your writing. Yes, I’m talking to you, the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Cutline.”

Maybe you’re completely sober, which makes your mistakes even more unforgivable. Take this misspelling of Adrian Lamo’s name:

I love the name Kevin Evan. Not so much that I’d actually lie about the name of the editor-in-chief of Wired.com. His name is Evan Hansen. And with Kevin Poulsen he wrote one or two lengthy responses. As Yahoo!’s crack journalist, you apparently had a little trouble distinguishing between one and two. Or maybe just counting to two:

Was it the alcohol talking when you messed with Glenn Greenwald’s surname? Or when you told us that an agreement would have to be agreed-upon. Thanks for the info:

Maybe the eggnog goggles made this misplaced punctuation look right to you:

It’s not right. When parentheses contain a full sentence that’s not embedded in another sentence, the period goes inside the parens. Just so you know.

Now go take a couple of aspirin and lie down.

The year’s send off

Here’s a great way to end the year — a grammatical gaffe on the Yahoo! front page:

Science organization trashed

Someone at the Yahoo! front page trashed this science organization:

I have a question

I have a question for the writer for Yahoo! Finance‘s “Tech Ticker”: Where’d the question mark go? And if gold pries, what does silver do?

I guess that’s two questions.

Look out for Spider-Man!

“The Lookout” from Yahoo! News still can’t manage to get Spider-Man correct:

Corbin Bernsen, RoboCop and Buckaroo Banzai

What do they have in common? The writer Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time” mangled them all. There’s a misspelled Corbin Bernsen, undercapitalized RoboCop and typoed Buckaroo:

Smallest blizzard in history?

Did the blizzard cut a 2-foot wide swath across the Northeast?

That’s a pretty small storm. But I read this on the Yahoo! front page, so it must be true.

Ball does lie

No lie. The writer for Yahoo! Sports‘ “Ball Don’t Lie” should have been as committed to grammar as I am. Then maybe he would have chosen the correct word and would have known enough to capitalize Miami Heat:

So, maybe I’m being picky. But this would be wrong even if the writer had held down the Shift key long enough to tap out Blazers:

Artest didn’t play with the Blazers last year; he won that championship ring playing with the LA Lakers. Even I know that. Ball Don’t Lie? Maybe, but this writer does.

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