Peaking at piquing interests

There’s some writing that piques my interest, but not in a good way. Like, I was curious when Yahoo! dropped the ! from its name. Or how did the writer for Yahoo! Shine get away with dropping the iconic punctuation mark from her employer’s names?

More interest-provoking writing includes an explosion of quotation marks, none of which makes sense, followed by a split-up online, an apostrophe indicating there’s only one toy expert in the world, and arbitrarily capitalized toys for under. Interesting!

Fascinating that a professional writer has no idea that Nook, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks, and not common nouns:

And so is Crock-Pot. And what’s he doing with my bread? And is that his team’s logo?

How did this slip by the editor? Someone’s apostrophe is missing:

The writer has definitely piqued my curiosity. How did she get this job and how does she keep it?


3 Responses to “Peaking at piquing interests”

  1. Kyvyny Says:

    All those quotes make the copy seem rather dubious. As if they were trying to talk innuendo but needing to cover it up with brand names.

    Or someone just threw on the auto-transcripter-bot and said to hell with fixing up the punctuation and the company’s brand name.

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