Epic FAIL on yahoo.com

It’s official. With yet another error on the Yahoo! front page, the entire yahoo.com page is one big epic FAIL:


Reader bemoans the quality of writing

Grrrrrrr. The sound you hear is me bemoaning the quality of writing on Yahoo! News‘ “The Cutline.” Here’s what a Yahoo!  media reporter wrote about editor: 

If “media” is your beat and you’re a real reporter, wouldn’t you know how to spell Erick Schonfeld’s name?

Oy. Again with the mistakes on yahoo.com

Again, the folks over at the Yahoo! front page make with the mistakes. This time it’s the capital G in governor, which should be capitalized only when it directly precedes the guv’s name:

Not-so-super bowl

What is up with the Yahoo! front page? There’s always an error or two on yahoo.com, but the number of embarrassing gaffes lately has been really astounding. Someone please get those editors a copy of a style guide. Or at least a quick lesson in consistency: If you capitalize a word once, maybe you should capitalize every time you use it:

No wonder you’re lonely

Is it any wonder you’re suffering from loneliness? It’s your typing skills! They’ve turned off your readers.

Don’t suffer the same fate as this writer for Yahoo! Shine. Spell-check! Proofread! Edit!

Reporter’s blunder recalls horrifying incident

In a major factual blunder, the reporter for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” reminds readers of Nick Berg, whose beheading was videotaped and broadcast on the Web:

It’s unfortunate that Yahoo! News cares so little about facts that it didn’t bother to verify the “facts” in this article. The Republican congressman from North Dakota is Rick Berg.

Me and my fellow grammar geeks laugh at your writing

Ha-ha! You hardly see a mistake like this in an article written by an alleged professional, but there it is, right there in Yahoo! Music‘s “Reality Rocks”:

How does a goof like this happen? I’m imagining that the writer tried the correct pronoun — — and it sounded stilted, so she ran with the incorrect but folksy me. If she had followed the advice of my mother and put herself last (after Matt Whitfield), me would have sounded ridiculously illiterate.

Mohamed ElBaradei could use some consistency

If you can capitalize ElBaradei correctly once, why can’t you do it twice? I dunno. Maybe we should ask the writer working on the Yahoo! front page:

Pretty much the worst mistake ever

People make mistakes. I get it. But I don’t get how a professional writer (or anyone with a basic knowledge of English) can make a mistake like this one:

It comes as no surprise to regular readers of Terribly Write that this ginormous blunder is on the Yahoo! front page.

One out of three is good enough here

The editorial standards aren’t the highest at Yahoo!. The staffers at the Internet giant seem to be content to capitalize SAG Awards correctly once in three attempts on the Yahoo! front page here:

and here:

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