A true marvel of writing

Occasionally, I come across writing that is so bad that I marvel at the ineptitude of the writer and her employer’s indifference to quality. That’s the case with this article from Yahoo! Shine. There are so many errors here that it would take me the better part of a day to explain them all. And I’m not willing to give this piece of crap the better part of anything.

So, here goes the shortest explanations I can come up with in the shortest amount of time. You’re welcome to fill in the details. But for now, just marvel at the sheer number of little red circles.

The TV show “Skins” should be in quotation marks (or something to indicate it’s a title), networks should be network. I may be hopelessly unhip, but I have no idea what “record scratch” means. Can anyone enlighten me?

The indefinite article an is wrong, plotline isn’t one word, and 17-year-old would be correct here:

Wait! Looks like plot-line needs a hyphen! Something is wrong: Either a is correct or doubles is correct, but not both. The word is safeguarding, without a hyphen:

I think maybe English isn’t this writer’s native language, because I’ve never seen demanded used in this way:

She also has no idea how to use punctuation and how to capitalize the name of the film “Hounddog.” I don’t think anyone oversees her writing.

WTF? How did this mess get past her editor’s eyes?

It’s Martin Scorsese and it should be are, not is:

Misplaced punctuation and a missing word here:

It should be Colin Farrell, much-hyped, and it was. Then there’s the missing comma and some nonsense about Mr. Farrell:

More misspelled names: Nabokov and Adrian Lyne would be correct. And another unnecessary comma:

Are ya still with me? Check out the wrong word, the misspelled word (it should be innuendo) and the nonsense words.

Let’s call this a careless typo:

The expression is “the bulk of.” There’s a misplaced period (it belongs before the closing quotation mark), misspelled Fijian island, and missing hyphen in 15-year-old. And more utter nonsense that’s actually quite funny.

This article is just a marvel, no?


One Response to “A true marvel of writing”

  1. Kyvyny Says:

    Record scratch sounds like someone was using their speech-to-text whipping up some kind of transcript. Thinking maybe the sudden screech of a record player skidding the needle will provide the just exclamation the snippet is supposed to drum up.

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