Is she a shoo-in for worst writer?

You just have to wonder: Is this writer a shoo-in for worst writer on Yahoo!?

What the hell does the writer think shoe-in means? Does she think Marilu Henner would be sticking her tootsies in some Louboutins and that made her suitable to play the queen?

OK, she only had to spell two names here, and she got them both wrong. She even got one name wrong twice. And she gets paid to do this?

For the record, it should be shoo-in, queen, Nancey Silvers and Deidre Hall. And this mess is from the senior features editor for Yahoo! Shine, a shoo-in for worst on the Web.


2 Responses to “Is she a shoo-in for worst writer?”

    • Laura Says:

      When I read this blog on Shine I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Ultimately I decided it was just one more sad statement on the indifference of Yahoo! to quality content.

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