Don’t sweat the small stuff. Or the big stuff

I’m not suggesting that someone brutally crack down on this reporter. I just think a little help from an editor, a proofreader, or anyone familiar with basic English would be nice. Perhaps then the reporter for “The Cutline” blog on Yahoo! News wouldn’t use though instead of through and western instead of Western:

Maybe Yahoo! just can’t afford additional editorial staff. Hey, we’ve all had to cut back. I get it. So, if there’s no help coming from the Internet giant, I have a suggestion: Don’t worry about making mistakes! Don’t sweat it! Just relax! 

Can’t decide how to spell the name of the Libyan leader? No problem! Spell it two ways and one of them is bound to be right! Can’t spell Christiane Amanpour’s name? No problem! Nobody will notice!

Just because you’re a senior media reporter for one of the world’s largest Internet companies, don’t worry if you can’t remember the name of that little rag published in New York. You don’t work for the New York Times; no one expects you to have actual knowledge of the news media:

Now, don’t you feel better?


2 Responses to “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Or the big stuff”

  1. Kirk 34 Says:

    Does Yahoo hire high-school dropouts to write for its sites? These mistakes are an embarrassment to anyone who graduated from high school.

    • Laura Says:

      This article from Yahoo! News was written by a “senior media reporter,” who presumably has a college degree.

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