Imagine if it were government-controlled

Imagine if use of the English language were government-controlled. Imagine if reporters for so-called news sites like Yahoo! News‘ “The Cutline” were required to know the difference between a building (like a capitol) and a city (like, oh, say, maybe a capital). Then we wouldn’t see crap like this:

Imagine if a reporter whose beat is the media were actually required to know something about the media. He’d only have to be remotely familiar with Gannett to know this is a misspelling:

Imagine if Internet giants like Yahoo!, which publishes original “news” articles, actually cared enough about its readers to employ competent writers and editors. Imagine.


One Response to “Imagine if it were government-controlled”

  1. Paulie S Says:

    Why don’t these morons use spell-checker or at least look up the definition of words like capital and capitol?

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