Get a sneak peek at the new Yahoo! News!

Is Yahoo! planning on giving Yahoo! News a makeover? Normally, when a company is updating its website, it keeps it well-hidden from public view, generally on a private network. But it looks like Yahoo! has pulled back the curtain with this test post and what looks like a template for a Web page:


Of course, it’s entirely possible that Yahoo! didn’t intend for us to see this just yet.


Let’s have a recap

Here’s a quick recap: The word recap is short for recapitulation, which is a summary or brief review. Notice that it does not contain a hyphen.

Here’s a longer recap: It’s recap with a hyphen on Yahoo! News‘ “The Cutline.” And it’s wrong.

Endeavor to spell correctly

You’d think a national affairs reporter would be a little more conscientious. You’d think she’d make an effort to use the correct spelling of the subject she’s writing about. But at Yahoo! News‘ “The Lookout,” the standards of journalism are not quite that high.

Writing about the Endeavour, its canceled launch in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and the first family doesn’t require knowledge of the space shuttle’s name, the niceties of punctuation, or the dictates of capitalization style.

I’m hoping she’ll endeavor to improve the quality of her writing. If not, at least she’ll fit right in at Yahoo! News.

One more arrest could be in order

One mistake left uncorrected on the Yahoo! front page is bad. (See the previous post on Terribly Write.) But when a second error shows up, you know you’re not reading the work of real journalists:

Germany arrested three suspected terrorists. I can think of at least one other person who might benefit from a citizen’s arrest.

Breaking news: Syrian city wiped out by 10

According to Yahoo!, a Syrian rights group is claiming that 10 (I believe that’s 10 people) have killed an entire city:

It’s on the Yahoo! front page (, so of course it’s true. Really.

Weigh in: Would you make this mistake?

Whaddaya think? Would you make the same mistake? The editor for Yahoo! Shine uses the noun weigh-in instead of the verb weigh in (which doesn’t have a hyphen):

Weigh in: Is this an error you’d make, too?

Is the first family proper?

If you follow the guidelines of the Associated Press, you don’t capitalize first family — it’s considered a common noun. If you make up your own style, you probably write for Yahoo! News:

The political reporter for “The Ticket” took advantage of Yahoo!’s indifference to style and accuracy: She randomly capitalized the, and worse, misspelled Endeavour.

Demian Bichir, transposed

Actor Demian Bichir has been partially transposed by the spelling geniuses at Yahoo! Movies:

Almost Michael Imperioli

Except for the spelling of his last name, this looks exactly like actor Michael Imperioli on Yahoo! Movies:

Hearts of Darkness

The movie is “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse.” It’s not either of these titles alleged by the writers for Yahoo! Movies:

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