Raising Kayne

It’s a common misspelling of Kanye West’s first name, and this time it appears on Yahoo! News‘ “The Envoy”:

But a more interesting issue to raise is the writer’s oddly worded description of the Estelle/Kanye song. Why the tortured phrasing? Was it to avoid ending a clause with a preposition — as if that were a grammatical error? Why didn’t she try the more direct (and correct): “that most American viewers are familiar with”?


One Response to “Raising Kayne”

  1. Kickboxing Los Angeles Says:

    How much money do you want to be that Kanye will write a song about how to spell his name correctly now? Oh wait, I think there already is one out. And it’s a little presumptuous to think that most Americans are familiar with that song, don’t ya think?

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