No comment necessary

Some writing is just so mind-numbingly awful that I can’t bring myself to comment on it other than to point out the errors. Such is the case with an article about product placement in movies that appears on Yahoo! Shine.

So, without accompanying explanations, I give you the most egregious of the errors.

There’s a missing word, a misplaced comma, a misspelled “Super Size Me,” a mysterious meta-expirament, a misspelled Steven Spielberg, a missing comma in Reese’s Pieces, and missing quotation marks around the movie title “E.T.”:

There’s a missing a word here, and the name of the journal is Pediatrics:

There’s a f**ked up White Castle, another missing word, and the misuse of it’s instead of its twice:

A misspelling of Rene Russo:

A funky capitalization of the title “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and a missing apostrophe in Campbell’s:

Will Ferrell is misspelled and there’s the use of add for a shortened form of advertisement:

Once again, add instead of ad:

The movie title isn’t “Wall Street 2”; it’s “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”:

Who is the genius behind this writing? Is this article just an anomaly? If you’re wondering, the writer is a senior features editor whose juvenile style and illiterate musings are most evident in this comment she added to her article:


3 Responses to “No comment necessary”

  1. Auto Title Loans Says:

    You really should start thinking about having a blog dedicated to the typos of Yahoo! alone. That way, maybe the editors will catch on and you can focus more on the other terrible spellers and grammar illiterates of the world.

    • Laura Says:

      Haven’t you noticed? Terribly Write *is* devoted to goofs made on Yahoo! by Yahoo! staffers. I include more than typos because other errors they make are sometimes more amusing and always more instructive than mere typos. In addition, I can’t always tell a typo from an idiotic mistake.

      The editors at Yahoo! do follow Terribly Write and often make corrections after the errors have been reported here. For an interesting take on the editors’ opinion of my blog, check out the comments in “About Terribly Write.”

      • Auto Title Loans Says:

        Maybe it was a blonde moment, but I hadn’t put two and two together. I thought it was just easier to spot them on Yahoo! itself. (My apologies.)

        The question is, why haven’t they hired you as an editor then??

        Will do on the “About” too 🙂

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